Thursday, December 6, 2007

Where Should Polar Bears Go?

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Polar bears in the Arctic area are in danger of extermination due to global warming. The Arctic area is the coldest spot in the world, so they have nowhere to migrate. The main cause of this problem is human activities, thus we cannot blame any other, and we have to solve it. Fortunately, there are still some solutions to obstruct progress of global warming. First, we have to know what is happening in the Arctic area. Second, we have to regulate using fossil fuel for less emission of CO2. Third, we have to educate our children to have right notion toward our surroundings.

“Global warming may drive a quarter of land animals and plants to the edge of extinction by 2050, a major international study has warned” (Bhattacharya, 2004, Para. 1). Polar bears whose habitats are the Arctic area, are endangered due to loss of their habitats. Therefore polar bear is about to be admitted as endangered animal species by the U.S. government (Weber, 2007). This massacre of polar bear has been done by human activities, it is undeniable.

Polar Bears are endangered due to global warming, and people caused it. Thus we are responsible for polar bear’s lives. The ignorance of our surroundings includes our basic behavior and wrong notions made and this situation come up. Therefore, we should figure out the solutions to save them.

First of all, we have to know what is happening in the Arctic area. Ice packs in the Arctic area are melting, so polar bear’s habitat is getting smaller and smaller. This situation causes destruction of polar bear’s habitat. Polar bear’s main prey is seal and fur seal; these species inhabit on ice packs, thus polar bears’ hunting area is diminishing. The Arctic area is not a good place for polar bears, but they have nowhere to go. “In the 1960s and 1970s, hunting was the major threat to the bears. At the time, polar bears were under such severe survival pressure from hunters that a landmark international accord was reached, despite the tensions and suspicions of the Cold War” (Polar Bears International, 2007, Para. 5) Random polar bear hunting also affected polar bears. It started when there were plenty of polar bears, but there are not that many polar bears anymore. Lately the polar bear countries have made a mutual agreement about polar bear conservation in Oslo (Polar Bear International, 2007). Because the countries made the agreement, we stepped closer to saving polar bears. Indeed, we need to bring on more mutual agreements to preserve polar bears and the Arctic environment.

Secondly, we have to regulate the using of fossil fuels. Fossil fuel is really helpful in many ways in our life; for example, heating places and running industry, but it is the main reason for global warming, and global warming affects polar bears. “NSIDC’s satellite data analysis shows that Arctic perennial sea ice, which remains all year-round, has shrunk by 14 percent between 2004 and 2005” (Greenpeace, 2006, para. 3). As the article says, it is a very serious problem. Melting down of ice in the Arctic area means polar bears lose their habitat. “Polar bears live on the annual Arctic sea ice that provides a platform from which they can hunt. But when the edge of the ice retreats to the north during summer, bears must follow the ice floes or become stranded on land where they must stay until the sea ice forms again in the fall” (World Wild Life, Para. 4). However, as global warming is accelerating, the melted ice cannot freeze up again. This situation delivers loss of polar bear. When fossil fuel is burned, it emits carbon dioxide. The emission of carbon dioxide by fossil fuel affects global warming seriously. In order to obstruct global warming, we need to invent alternative energy sources and use them.

Thirdly, we have to educate our children more about the environment. We didn’t know what is wrong and what is right, but we have learned it since scientists proved that our activities affect polar bears. “On December 15, 2005, the Center and our partners NRDC and Greenpeace sued the Bush administration for ignoring our petition. In response, on February 9, 2006, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued a positive 90–day petition finding for polar bears, opened a 60-day comment period, and initiated a status review of the species. Finally, on December 27, 2006, the administration announced a proposed rule to list the polar bear as threatened” (Center for Biological Diversity, 2007, Para. 2). If they didn’t ignore their petition, hundreds of bears could be saved, thus having right notion is very important. Our children don’t know what is right and what is wrong yet, so we have to let them have desirable attitude toward our surroundings. In addition, education from school is not enough, so we have to teach them in the real life. For example, we can make them fall into the right habit. We can teach them how to recycle resources, how to save energy, and what alternative energy we can use.

Some people believe global warming is a natural cycle, as if when dinosaurs were exterminated, the ice age was started. However, it is not true, and it is not a natural cycle. Global warming is caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuel, logging forests, and overgrazing. It is undeniable. Everyone knows emission of CO2 is the biggest catalyst, and very large amount of CO2 is emitted by human activities. Therefore, global warming is caused by us, so we need to look back upon the past and take care of nature.

In conclusion, polar bears are endangered due to global warming, and the main reason for global warming is human activities for our convenience. In order to stop the advance of global warming, we have to know what’s going on in the Arctic area, reduce burning fossil fuel, and educate our children about our environment. We have to obstruct global warming for not only polar bears, but also ourselves.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wal-Mart, The Foundation of The U.S. Economy

Wal-Mart is one of the biggest giants in the market. No one else in the market can compete with Wal-Mart. “Wal-Mart’s influence on the U.S. economy has reached levels not seen by a single company since the 19th-century rise of Standard Oil” (Hopkins, 2003, par.1). The influence of Wal-Mart to the economy is unimaginable, and it is still going up. We should help Wal-Mart to keep moving up in the Carbondale area for the economy and our convenience.

First of all, Wal-Mart offers goods with unbeatable prices, and they have everything that the customers want in the store for 24 hours, 7 days. Hoenig (2004) says a family can save more than $2,000 annually by shopping at Wal-Mart. Like this, Wal-Mart serves the society in many ways; thus we should support them.

Secondly, Wal-Mart serves the society. Hoenig (2004, par. 17) says in case of Illinois, Wal-Mart pays more than $61 million annually for the taxes. There is no doubt they are one of the biggest taxpayers in the state. The paid tax will build new facilities in the area and will help poor people to escape from scantiness. We should uphold Wal-Mart for the welfare of the society.

Thirdly, Wal-Mart can help a small town’s economy by building a store in the area. When they provide a shopping place, people show their money to buy goods. These basic activities bring about big cash flow, which is mandatory for an animated economy. For this simple but important reason, we should back up Wal-Mart.

Some people say Wal-Mart kills the businesses in the town, but it is not true. Wal-Mart provides many employments for the populace. According to Hoenig’s (2004, par. 16) article, Wal-Mart offered workplaces for 125,000 people and is expanding its offer of jobs. They don’t kill small businesses but offer opportunities for people. We should support them to move up.

In conclusion, Wal-Mart serves society in many ways. They offer cheaper prices and convenience of shopping, pay tremendous amount of taxes, work for the economy, and hire so many people to work. We can help them to make profit, and they can help us to live easily. By this simple of win-win strategy, we have to support them to help society flourish.


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Sunday, November 11, 2007

How Can We Save Polar Bears?

Bob Weber (2007) says in his article, a European-based company, Wildtrack, invented a tool that can help researchers to gather information about polar bears. It has been used on rhinos in Africa and tigers in India. With the machine, the researchers need just an Inuit bear tracker to do the research. Wildtrack is a revolutionary machine that uses the photographs taken by the machine to measure the distances and angles of their five toes and foot; thus it takes not much cost compared to other machines. By using this machine, researchers can distinguish polar bears’ sex and age, and furthermore, they can identify the bears individually. This research system needs a local Inuit bear tracker to get information, so it offers Inuit the opportunity of manage their wildlife.

Polar bear’s lives have been threatened for years due to accelerating of global warming and hunting. Polar bears population is 20,000 to 25,000 (Polar Bears International, 2007), but it is decreasing year by year. In order to save polar bears from the warming up of the earth of earth and hunting, we need to identify polar bears individually, in order to take care of them successfully. In order to save our precious lives on the earth, we should know polar bear well.

First, we should research polar bears more specifically. Unless we know about them, it is impossible to save their precious lives. Lately the U.S. government has considered polar bear as an endangered species, which means there are not plenty of polar bears in the world anymore. We need more detailed polar bears research.

Moreover, we should invest in polar bears, especially for the researchers. If there were a smaller number of polar bears in the world, it would be even harder than now to save polar bears from the crisis. That means it is not too late. If we postpone the research on polar bear, we can’t see them in the near future. We have lost many kinds of species of animals in the world by our unconcern of them. We should not let it happens again.

Finally, without people’s concern, nothing will happen. Even though we have tremendous information on polar bears, we can’t save them without our concern toward them. For example, if you prize someone, you do not treat him or her without your concern. We have to have the same way to treat polar bears.

In conclusion, polar bears are threatened by global warming, hunting, and people’s unconcern. In order to save them, we should research more, invest in them, and treat them with our concern. Our unconcern of environment caused the injurious circumstances to polar bears; therefore, we have to solve the problems. We have to realize it is not only caused by us, but also we have the key to solving it.


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Global Warming Threatens Polar Bears

The article “Polar Bears and Conservation” states polar bears are living in the Arctic area of the earth, and their lives are threatened. Biologists estimate their population as only 20,000 to 25,000. There are a few to reasons to explain decreasing of polar bear’s population. Non-sustainable harvest of polar bear by Nunavut has caused the declining of their population, and the change of the ice habitat, too. The most serious fact that threatens polar bears is climate change. Ice pack diminishing causes the loss of their hunting areas. As a result, the polar bear nations agreed to protect the bears by prohibiting random harvest, sharing their research, and organizing the Polar Bear Specialist Group at Oslo.

The polar bear is a very familiar animal; its plain white hairs and cute face give her a favorable look. Polar bears live in the arctic area, and they hunt for prey. Lately, polar bear’s population is decreasing due to global warming; only 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears live on the earth now. As global warming accelerates, polar bears’ lives are threatened. We have to change our attitudes toward them, and international institutes and the governments have to regulate people in order to save polar bears.

First, people have to realize their global warming is really a serious problem, and it threatens animals such as the polar bear. Some people think global warming is just the warming up of the earth, but it is not true. Global warming affects environment around the world; this means it can affect humans. We have to realize how serious it is.

Moreover, international institutes and the governments have to set more powerful laws. A refrigerator needs freon for its cooling. Advanced countries use substituted material, but few countries still use freon in a refrigerators. Freon makes holes in the ozone layer. As a result, stronger sunlight comes through the holes and accelerates global warming. This action causes melting down of ice packs. It makes the habitat of polar bears smaller. In addition, polar bear’s main prey is fur seals and seals. As the period of freezing shortens, polar bears have to suffer from hunger. We need actions on the internal and governmental levels.

Finally, we should love the environment and keep it. Global warming delivers extermination of polar bears, other animals, and our society. If we hadn’t tried to ignore this situation, and we were willing to save animals in the world, it couldn’t happen. We made the problems, so we have to solve them.
In conclusion, we already know the solution, but we just don’t do it. We must have a wider view; it is not only the polar bear’s problem but also the problem we will have in the future.


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The Exterminations of Animals and Plants

Bhattacharya (2004) states in her article that global warming is being accelerated in the world. Chris Thomas at the University of Leeds and Stuart Pimm at Duke University warned that global warming can affect extinction of animal species and plants. Thomas and Pimm consider the problem of global warming is very serious. Climate change will result in loss of ten to thirty per cent of species due to destruction of their habitats. Thomas’ study says every species needs environment that is fit for its issues such as temperature and rainfall. As the earth is warming up, species are migrating to new place that are suitable for them. However, some species are not able to migrate because of their physical issues, thus we will lose a lot of species. Both Thomas and Pimm say we need powerful action to prevent global warming.

Global warming has come up as one of the biggest concerns of human society. As global warming is getting worse, animals and plants species are doomed. The earth is warming up day by day, so the habitats of species are disappearing. Global warming is definitely baleful for both human society and our nature. We should obstruct global warming by regulating some substances.

First of all, using fossil fuel can be replaced. Fossil fuel accelerates global warming. Fossil fuel is one of necessary elements of human life- for transportation, heating, and generating of electricity. It’s a properly important element of human life, but it can be replaced by other types of energy. For example, solar energy is the one of alternatives. It heats your place without any fossil fuels. You can also use wind-force. Wind-force is one of method to generate electricity. It is beneficial in a few ways. Wind-force is nature-friendly because it doesn’t hurt nature, and can generate electricity. Changeover of energy resources can help to obstruct global warming.

Moreover, every country must have a severe law to regulate using CFC. CFC is one of the fountainheads of global warming. Refrigerators used to have CFC for cooling. Many countries regulated using CFC in refrigerators, but a few countries are still using it. CFC is the deadliest mischief in hurting the ozone layer. The function of the ozone layer is sunlight filter. As ozone layer is becoming thinner, many problems- including global warming and skin cancer-have come up. Therefore, CFC has to be replaced with other materials.

In conclusion, global warming is a really serious problem that we have, but it can be prevented essentially. Global warming has been caused by humans, so it can be stopped by humans, too. We have to change our lifestyle- using fossil fuel less, and using invention and incitement of alternative energy. On the other hand, lack of concern for nature and animals made us use fossil fuel and CFC, and they have been accelerating global warming. At this time, everyone knows what is helpful for us, and what is harmful. We must bring out our prior surroundings. We can do it.


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